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Individual Advocacy

​How can we help?

Explorability Inc. provides individual advocacy for people with disability, their families and carers through Western Australia.

Explorability's Advocates will support you to achieve positive outcomes for your advocacy goals, which may include:

  • Accessing the NDIS;

  • Accessing disability and mental health services;

  • Complaints with services;

  • Government payments, such as the DSP;

  • Housing and accommodation issues;

  • Financial issues;

  • Legal and justice issues

  • Accessing health services;

  • Education issues;

  • Employment issues;

  • Rights and discrimination.

The individual advocacy service is free and confidential.


Our approach​

Explorability's advocates use a person-centred approach and will support you to identify the steps to achieve positive outcomes to your advocacy goals.

The Advocates will assist you to:

  • express your views and stand up for your rights;

  • develop confidence and independence to advocate for yourself;

  • resolve any issues and concerns;

  • access supports and services that meet your individual and cultural needs.