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Explorability is a not-for-profit organisation providing valuable advocacy services to people with disability, their families and carers in the community. 

Explorability welcomes donations to support our work in providing free advocacy services in your community.

In supporting our advocacy service, you support our work in building an inclusive community where the rights of individuals with disability are upheld.


To help us provide our free advocacy services into the future, please consider donating to support us.  

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Wayne's Advocacy Story

Before I had help from Explorability, life was hectic. I felt like I had no plan, no support or stability, and I couldn’t see a future or the road ahead, as I was just living day to day. Over the years I had received support from all different services and agencies, but a lot of the time I just felt like a number, like I didn’t really matter. I went to a Community Mental Health Clinic, but when I moved houses to a different area, I was transferred to a different Clinic, and I felt like I was starting all over again because I had to retell my whole story to someone new, so I stopped going. While I was in and out of treatment over the years, I got into some unhealthy habits to try and cope with how I was feeling, but now looking back I know these habits weren’t very good for my physical and mental health. Before treatment, I had a habit of collecting different things, and would not be able to walk past a mobile phone shop without purchasing one. I ended up filling my unit full of stuff, and felt like it wasn’t a very nice space to be in.

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I was being supported by another agency, who referred me to Explorability, but I felt like they didn’t really care about me, and it was difficult to contact them. I felt like with a lot of the services I had received, no one could really help me with what I really needed because they could only help for a short amount of time. It was really important to me to get a diagnosis to understand myself, but I had problems getting my GP to help me with this, and I felt like I got turned away a lot from medical clinics because I was misunderstood. I didn’t like going to the Drs or medical clinics because they make me feel overwhelmed, and I struggled getting information from them that I could understand.

Since being supported by Explorability, I feel like life is completely different. Now I feel confident doing things I couldn’t do before like catching public transport, going to the shops, and staying engaged with my treatment. Explorability helped me to see my GP and request a referral so I can get a diagnosis and treatment. Now I have a diagnosis, which makes me feel confident in myself because I know why my brain works the way it does, and there’s a reason I am the way I am. I have been able to give up some of my unhealthy habits and ways of dealing with stuff, which has also saved me some money. Explorability made me feel like more than just a number, but an actual person, and that has given me the strength to get out and about and do things I couldn’t do before. Explorability has also helped me find a community organisation where I can be social and make friends, so I don’t feel lonely like I did before.

Explorability has made me feel like I am actually a person, not just a number. I feel like I can see a future ahead, and I have more organisation in my life. Explorability has been more accessible and reliable than other organisations I have had help from in the past. I know that if I need to talk with my advocate, I just need to call. I believe that without organisations like Explorability, some people don’t have anyone or any support, they aren’t seen as a person and that impacts their self-worth.

If you would like to donate to support our Advocacy services, you can do so through the donation box at the top of this page or submit a donation form.

Explorability welcomes other ways of donating and supporting our Advocacy services. To discuss alternate ways of giving, please contact our team at

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