Explorability is committed to supporting people with disability, their families and carers through a person-centred approach to achieve positive outcomes for an individual's goals. Explorability also uses a partnership approach which focuses on building partnerships and networks with people with disability, families and carers, community sector organisations, government departments, businesses and the broader community to support individuals to achieve positive outcomes.


The individual advocacy service is available to any person who identifies as having a disability as outlined in the Disability Services Act in Western Australia and includes intellectual, cognitive, neurological, physical and sensory disabilities. People with psycho-social disabilities as a primary disability are eligible for support if they reside in one of the National Disability Insurance Scheme sites.

Requesting Advocacy Support

Requests for advocacy support can be made by people with disability, family members, carers and significant others, health professionals, disability and community sector organisations and government departments. Referrals can be made by telephone, mail, email or in person. 

When making a referral on behalf of another individual, it is best that the referral is discussed with the person first wherever possible. Explorability requires the consent of an individual, or their legal guardian, prior to providing advocacy support. A 'Referral and Authority to Act' form can be downloaded from the links on this page. Alternatively you can access the online referral form here.

Individual Advocacy Support

Following the referral, an advocate will talk with the individual to identify their advocacy goals and together they will agree on the steps to take to achieve a positive outcome. The level of advocacy provided is based on the wishes and needs of the individual.

Examples of Advocacy Support

Explorability can assist people across a wide range of areas, such as accessing disability and mental health services, accessing health and medical services, aids and equipment, financial issues, housing, education, employment and rights and discrimination. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the areas of support where Explorability may be able to assist you. 

Disability Services

​Advocacy to access disability services may include:

  • Assisting with eligibility for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or for services through the Disability Services Commission;

  • Supporting individuals through the planning, implementation, review and appeal of the support plans;

  • Accessing relevant, timely and quality services from disability sector organisations; and

  • Supporting individuals through the complaints process, including an organisation's internal complaints process or through an independent process, such as through the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HADSCO).


​Explorability's advocates can assist you with support for:

  • Applications for housing and transfers with the Housing Authority;

  • Appeals to the Housing Authority;

  • Applications for Rental Assistance from Centrelink;

  • Applications for Bond Assistance Loans;

  • Referrals to tenancy support services;

  • Referrals to crisis accommodation services;

  • Liaison with your housing provider or service provider; and

  • Referrals to other supports and services relating to your housing issues.


​Explorability's advocates can assist you with support for:

  • Applications for payments from Centrelink, such as the Disability Support Pension;

  • Appeals relating to Centrelink Payments;

  • Applications for concessions, such as concessions for rates and utilities;

  • Referrals to financial counselling services;

  • Accessing community services, such as access to food vouchers and hampers; and

  • Applications for funded aids and equipment.

Individual Advocacy